Our commitment on making our footprints on our planet as light as possible starts from our vision of the future and gets into action through well defined KPI’s we constantly monitor, to achieve precise goals in terms of: CO2 emissions, ENERGY savings, WATER consumption, WASTE management and reduction, PRODUCTION efficiency through a LEAN method


And we do this daily, as it is part of our DNA.




Human beings are the real added value of our company. MYC fosters personal growth as well as professional expertise, but thisis not enough.

We believe in social responsibility and on a structured programwe support responsibility initiatives throughout the world, as:

financing organizations which offer first aid services and equipments, dedicating time and attention to the less lucky…


MYC’s offer always targeted the high level market. 

The good news is that now we can offer the same quality upgraded in fully sustainable ranges


Not just a claim, but a promise:

we put all our experience in the solutions we proposed, offeringtested and reliable materials as PCR PLASTICS (PET, PP and others), PCR ALUMINIUM, BIOBASED

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MYC guidelines for developing new items are based on three pillars:

REDUCE the use of unrecyclable components and optimizing design through monomaterial packaging (PET, PP and ALU),

REUSE packaging through a smart refill system and

RECYCLE in the easiest and most effective way possible