Through our LIF – Low Impact Future – strategy we are committed to lowering our impact on environment to build a positive future.

We want to play our part and redesign manufacturing processes to reduce CO2 emissions, waste generation and energy consumption and implement circularity.

Our sustainability targets and KPIs are constantly monitored through a LEAN method to measure efficiencies and resources productivity in factories and offices.

responsible manufacturing – sustainable packaging


Our strength lies in our people.

We encourage personal growth and development while ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.

We also believe in our social responsibility and support initiatives to help local communities in the countries where we operate.


Our priority is to apply eco-design principles and make products that are fully reusable and recyclable without compromising on luxury and quality.

We offer safe and reliable post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, reduce the use of unrecyclable components and optimize design through mono-material solutions and smart refillable systems.

We also focus on reviewing the design of existing products to make them more sustainable.