Suzhou Industriai Park, Jiangsu Province
via Cavour 2, 22074 Lomazzo CO
500 7th Avenue, NY 10018

Who We Are

Our Story

MYC’s recipe for success is based on two essential ingredients which constitute the perfect synergy for outstanding results: the heart and the genius of two cultures – Italian and Chinese. Chinese business ethos linked with creative Italian design and verve is bound for success.

Our unique approach is the momentum behind MYC’s impressive growth. We strive for original design with care for each detail, committed to the highest quality and most creative applications. Everything we design and produce is a testament to our expertise, translating consumer beauty habits into innovative packaging.

MYC’s Philosophy

We are driven by enthusiasm, passion and meticulous attention to detail.

We treat every new development as a fresh adventure, always with our mission in mind – giving shape to beauty. We work combining the most advanced technologies with precision and creativity. We believe that our commitment, reliability and service are fundamental to building trust and partnership with our customers.

MYC’s Mission

As the cosmetics world continually evolves, beauty routines are a part of our everyday lives. Every day our hands follow precious rituals: blending, spreading, dosing, and applying beauty products.

MYC’s mission is to create new expressive codes, giving shape to beauty through continuous research to refine and perfect cosmetic packaging systems. We combine tradition and innovation at the forefront of continuously evolving aesthetic concepts.

MYC’s Production World

Innovation Team

Marketing Research | New Material Research | New Product Concept | Patent Applications | Technical Support

R&D Center

Mockup Production | 3D design & Engineering | Mould design | Mould Workshop

MYC Aluminum Factory

Aluminum Stamping | Anodisation Process | Integrated Tool Development | Decoration & Finishing

MYC Plastic Factory

Injection Moulding Machines | Bi-Injection Moulding Technology | Automatic Assembly Line | Decoration & Finishing | Product Qualification & QC Lab

MYC's Quality 360+1°

Best possible quality is MYC’s most important objective.

Our goal is to produce attractive, innovative and functional packaging that provides the best possible performance,  This involves critical analysis, observation, measurement and fine-tuning the ultimate product. We strive for excellence.

MYC’s Innovation Team never stops testing new materials and updating technologies. Every single component is a result of research in innovation and design. We work hand in hand with our customers, carefully listening to their feedback in tandem with their aspirations.

MYC's Services

Agility is an essential added value of MYC and also the strategy on which we base our vision of the future. MYC is based on the concept of an Open Lab: a place where ideas can smoothly flow and be shared simultaneously with our team and our customers to obtain mutual benefits.

We manage all phases of the packaging project starting from the very concept through preparing pilot and industrial moulds, homologating the pack by our R&D and Engineering Team, up to production and shipment:

  • Thanks to our expert designers and prototyping machines, MYC can provide marketing support to transform any idea into a product, starting from a 3D simulation and a prototype of a physical shape.
  • Our Project Managers will provide detailed information about feasibility, timing, costs and investments to turn the idea into a real product.
  • Our Engineering Team will propose the best solutions in terms of materials and process optimization.
  • Our Logistics Team can also bring the products right to your door, ready to be filled!