Paper and cardboard packaging is an excellent way to promote sustainability and can be an attractive alternative to other recyclable materials, especially for limited editions and capsule collections.

Paper not only communicates the brand’s sustainable values as it is biodegradable, but it also offers endless possibilities with printing and design.

Highly detailed and colored graphics can be achieved with CMYK print, silk-screen, and hot stamping, and the lamination process is also available to create tactile effects.

Cylindrical in shape, MYC paper sticks comprise mono-material PP mechanisms that can be easily separated from the base when the product is finished for recycling each part in the specific stream.

Mechanism sizes range from cup 18mm with a 5g and 10g fill weight to cups 11mm and 12.7mm with smaller capacities.

Application is also very versatile; the sticks can deliver both face and lip formulas as well as skincare and solid perfume.

FSC certification can be provided to confirm cardboard is sourced from sustainably managed forests, ensuring that there is no impact on the environment with excessive deforestation.

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Pack codes: LF8809-1, LF8814-1, LF8812-1 and LF8813-1