MYC’s portfolio is enriched with new dropper packs for precise, controlled, and hygienic dispensing.

Suitable for any low-viscosity formulas, they are perfect for targeted hybrid products combining make-up with skincare benefits that are gaining more and more popularity among consumers.

Thanks to an eco-conscious design, the dropper components can be easily separated by hand for responsible disposal.

The premium full aluminum collar without a plastic insert can also be provided with recycled content and can be personalized with multiple techniques such as laser engraving and embossing.

The glass pipette is available in different styles while a variety of teat materials can be selected depending on formula requirements.

MYC’s innovative dispensers can be paired with PET and glass bottles, with OFC ranging from 20ml to 45ml.

Get in touch with your sales rep and discover our brand-new HYBRID collection!

Pack codes: BO8801-DR (OFC 20ml glass), BO8802-DR (OFC 36ml glass), BO8803-DR (OFC 25.4ml PET), BO8804-DR (OFC 42.9ml PET)